Historia del Té

The legend has it that in 2737 BC, Chinese Emperor and Master Shennong was sitting under a tree while boiling water when some leaves fell into the pot. Intrigued by the color and fragrance that emerged from the water, Shennong decided to try the infusion. The tree was a Camellia Sinensis and the resulting drink was what we now call tea.

For hundreds of years people drank tea for its properties as herbal medicine. During the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), tea plants were quite limited and only royalty and wealthy families drank tea to benefit their health.

It wasn’t until the Tang Dynasties (618-906 AD), that this infusion was established as the national drink of China to expand to all social strata. The process of preparing and serving tea was also becoming an elaborate ceremony. Then during the twelfth century tea was introduced in Japan thanks to Japanese Buddhist monks who had traveled to China to study and took home tea to consume during their meditations.

During the Ming Dynasty black tea was invented when they noticed that thanks to a special fermentation method, the leaves were becoming dark and could be stored for longer without losing its powerful flavor.
It was the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza which who the tea in England when she married King Charles in the seventeenth century. Thanks to her, a tea fan, this drink became so common among the aristocracy that they soon established parties or “afternoon tea”.

In the early twentieth century American merchant Thomas Sullivan sent samples of tea to several customers in silk bags, unknowingly creating a new way to prepare it. Soon customers began to commission tea in these individual portions, being simpler and more practical at the time of infusion, with the resulting significant savings of not having to use whole tea leaves, but crushed or powdered.

Today Teart offers a new way to drink tea, adjusted to our modern lifestyle. Thanks to the technology of its conical disposable infuser we can now bring the experience and the taste of tea leaves to everyone.