Nuestra Historia



The philosopher’s desk was full of books while studying but he didn’t have enough time to cover all the subjects. Whenever he was under pressure, he remembered the loving words of his ninety year old grandmother: “a cup of tea relaxes the body and lifts the spirit.” Years later the philosopher began his first project, a tea house that would become the Starbucks of tea. The idea was good, but various circumstances caused the project to fail. Broke and discouraged, the philosopher moved to his grandmother’s house for a few months.

One day his grandmother noticed he was very nervous. She went to the kitchen and returned with a cup and a clear glass teapot with tender black tea leaves. He was amazed; he noticed the gentle opening of the leaves and the essential oils creating random shapes, the aroma touched his nose intensely. Little by little the water began to change colors. This is when he had an epiphany; the leaves had given him a new challenge, he had to bring this experience to others. One day, while walking around the city, he noticed that there wasn’t any good quality leaf tea available anywhere. He searched all over but he only found very expensive specialty shops and tea bags just weren’t good enough. The philosopher believed that tea leaves should be accessible to everyone, anywhere.

After a while he had the idea to create ​​an exclusive tapered infuser that would allow the beautiful colors and aromas to show, and sufficient space for the leaves to expand and grant the best flavor. This marked the beginning of a unique company of its kind, balancing a handcrafted tea leaf preparation and a unique artistic aesthetic experience.

Illustrations by Macarena Salinas, talented tea lover.